Fall 2020

The WEL Institute will offer three classes — across colleges, schools, and disciplines — in Fall 2020. Any undergraduate student is eligible to participate. Please reach out to your advisor to learn more.

Women in Entrepreneurship

College of Fine Arts
ITD 350 | Unique #20985

Fall 2020 | Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at Kendra Scott Headquarters

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Co-taught by founder and designer Kendra Scott and serial entrepreneur Jan Ryan, this course is designed to provide hands-on, tangible tools to equip and empower female entrepreneurs. With a blend of lectures, experiential exercises and guest speakers, the class will immerse students in the core tenets of creating a new business, exposing the obstacles women face in contemporary society, and understanding the value of networking and mentorship, with an emphasis on team-based collaboration. Targeted students are those who are interested in the female founder’s unique perspective, are curious about starting their own company, or who simply want to pursue an understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset. The goal of this class is to confront common gender biases and conditioning, and in the context of the entrepreneurial journey provide actionable advice to empower students to see larger possibilities for their career. Applications are required, and seating is limited. Classes will be held at the headquarters for Kendra Scott, LLC.

Faculty Contact: Jan Ryan

Consumer Products Entrepreneurship Practicum

McCombs School of Business
MAN 347P | Unique #04899
Fall 2020 | Wednesdays 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

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This practicum course provides an opportunity for students to develop and apply knowledge on establishing and growing a business in consumer product industries. The course uses a variety of pedagogical approaches and involves extensive teamwork and project work. Student projects will focus on developing strategies and plans for such a business and will apply key concepts related to developing product ideas, understanding customers, and establishing product-market fit.

The course will feature several executive speakers from consumer products companies, who will discuss their industry and entrepreneurship experiences, and will challenge students with “live case” situations that they have faced in the past (e.g., an unexpectedly large order comes in early in the company’s life); students will develop responses to the situations and will be able to learn from what the company actually did, and from relevant research findings.
During the semester, students will be provided with guidance from executives from consumer products companies, as well as from others within the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem of The University of Texas at Austin.

At the culmination of the semester, teams will share their projects in a Demo Day presentation.
This course is open to all UT undergraduate students by application, which will be available April 13. Practicum activities typically require 3-4 hours of teamwork outside of the course per week. This course satisfies Requirement 5 of the Entrepreneurship minor.

Faculty contact: Dr. Melissa Murphy

Accessory Design, Development and Merchandising

College of Natural Sciences
TXA 365 | Unique #52670
Fall 2020 | Wednesdays 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

From beyond the walls of the classroom and into a real-life creative studio, this hands-on experiential course will take students through the steps of designing a jewelry collection through the Kendra Scott lens. The project-based course will encourage collaboration by building team-centered student groups from various disciplines. Students will gain experience by working directly with faculty from the Division of Textiles and Apparel and leaders from the Kendra Scott team. A series of student projects will focus on research, design, product development and merchandising for a jewelry collection suitable for the Kendra Scott target market.

The semester-long course will provide insight to designing a jewelry collection while working with development and merchandising to create a line plan. Courses will take place at both the UT campus and Kendra Scott design studio as students work through the various stages of design to 3D prototype development. The semester will end with a student exhibition in partnership with the Kendra Scott team. This experiential course is open to all majors at the junior and senior level and will meet once a week for three hours. Throughout the semester, students will benefit from off-site visits including the Kendra Scott distribution center.

Faculty Contact: Jessica Ciarla